Fred "Powerhouse" Powers is a walking repository of West Virginia and Appalachian history. A former school teacher as well as a coal miner, he has given a voice and a face to the stories of miners and their place in our nation's history. 

Here a few of Mr. Powers books:

Powerhouse: A Coal Miner's Story Vol. 1


Powerhouse follows Fred through various memories of growing up in a coal camp and surviving near-death experiences while working miles below the earth’s surface. From flooded mines, collapsing tops, to getting lost in the labyrinth of tunnels, Powerhouse takes readers on an eye-opening journey of one coal miner’s life below ground.

In an age where coal mining is viewed as a thing of the past, it is more important than ever to understand how and why this dangerous occupation supported so many American laborers. In warm, personable language, Fred describes the tight-knit comradery that formed the foundation of a coal miner’s life, and the reality of how in a split second, their world could come crashing down.

Special Price: $14.95

Powerhouse Meets the Tommy Knockers:

A Coal Miner's Story


"Powerhouse Meets the Tommy Knockers" launches from the imaginative mind of Fred Powers, a retired miner, schoolteacher and storyteller from Appalachia America. This action/adventure series is set in a hidden mystical world beneath a large, working Appalachian coal mine. These stories are geared for young readers and encompasses good vs evil with a healthy touch of mysticism.


The theme of the story is of a young miner with custody of his son living with a disabled parent who suddenly have their lives turned upside down with the boy's kidnapping and subsequent encounters with Tommy Knockers, unusual beasts, zombies and a powerful witch. Hopefully, this literary series will begin a scholarship fund for miners' children.

Special Price: $10.95